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On publishing pages

Hello to all our CMS users.

Lots of people have now been trained in using the CMS, and it's good to see that many pages are being edited and updated.

Remember there are two roles for CMS users. You can be either an "author" or a "publisher".

Authors can edit pages, but their changes won't go live until the page is submitted to a publisher for approval.

Publishers can edit pages and make them go live right away, and can approve changes authors have made.

If you are a publisher it is your job to make sure you are keeping on top of approvals. We currently have 26 pages pending publication and some of them have been waiting for quite a while which suggests to me that some publishers may not know how to approve that content. So I've written a quick tutorial to help publishers find out what content is waiting for them to publish... finding content for publication.

There is also a quick guide to actually publishing the content.

There are also 370 pages which are currently checked out for editing. I suspect most of these are not actively being worked on. Please remember to check documents back in. Even if you have opened a page in the work area just to look at it, it is still considered "checked out" until you check it back in even if you didn't make any changes. While a page is in the "checked out" state, nobody else can edit it, and any changes made will not get published.

As usual, please don't hesitate to email web.help@rch.org.au if you have any questions using the CMS.

Thank you,



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