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New CMS is now live!

Dear CMS user,

The new CMS is now operational.

CMS users who have participated in the training for the new CMS can now start using the new system.

CMS users who are still to be trained should book in for a training session before using the new CMS.

Content has been migrated into the new system*. Pages have new URLs and redirects have been put in place.

If you experience any issues with content, links, navigation or general issues, please alert us by using the "WebHelp" feature in the footer of the web pages.

As this is a new system there will be some initial issues, and your assistance with alerting us to any issues you experience, and your patience over the next week while we resolve issues, is appreciated.



The WebTeam.


Please note: if content was expired in the old CMS it will be expired in the new CMS as well. We will release info on how to locate your expired content and to reinstate it shortly.

*Some sites (such as Policy and Procedure Manual ) are still on the old CMS. Sites with "ww2" in the URL are not in the new CMS and can continue to be maintained using the old CMS system. If you are unsure and need advice, please contact us on web.help@rch.org.au.


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