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CMS users forum – survey results and follow up

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first CMS users forum. It was great to hear from you about your experience with the CMS.

Survey results

Please find attached the complete survey results.

The results were generally encouraging, but it’s obvious that there are a few areas of concern that we will focus on such as:

  • CMS training - more hands on training
  • Creating new pages is more difficult in the new CMS
  • Difficulties formatting your content
  • Working with tables is an issue

Authors & publishers – your roles and responsibilities

At the CMS users forum we presented new documentation that defines your responsibilities as authors and publishers, and the mechanics of the approval process. These concepts have always been a part of the CMS and are introduced in the CMS training, and are now available via the following links:

WebTeam roadmap

We presented our roadmap document at the CMS users forum. The roadmap highlights the strategic agenda for WebTeam for the next 6 months.

Open discussion

In open discussion you told us about your challenges using the CMS. Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Tables – difficult to format
  • General editing issues
    • Placing images
    • Aligning text
    • Discrepancies between what you see in the editor, and the published page
    • Deleting files from the library
    • Templates – a two column layout

We requested that you send us the URLs of particular pages that you are struggling with so that we can see first hand what’s going on.

Based on your feedback we reported that:

  • we are testing an updated editor that may address many of your concerns
  • we will create a “style guide” page as a tutorial
    • The style guide page will showcase the best way to create a great looking page quickly and easily.
    • We will record the process of creating this page for you so you can watch it whenever you like
    • We will focus on working with the HTML and what’s achievable
    • We will highlight items that are beyond the CMS and will need support from the WebTeam.
    • We will compile a ‘troubleshooting’ page that will help you deal with the most common issues you face.
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