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New CMS video tutorials

Dear CMS users,

In response to the recent CMS users forum, 5 new video tutorials have been uploaded to the CMS Training page at http://webhelp.rch.org.au/forums/20199673-CMS-Training.

We would greatly appreciate any feedback about the videos, their content and anything else that may come to mind after viewing them.

The topics they cover are:

1. The Whole Process: Login, Create Page, Create Content and Link to Page (video)

This will guide you through the entire process of creating new CMS material, from start to finish.

2. Create a new Page (video)

A quick reference for creating a new page within your departmental site.

3. Create a Content Block (video)

A refresher guide for creating the space for your information, on a page within your departmental site.

4. Formatting and Structuring your CMS Content (video)

A run-down of how to format your page content, and what restrictions apply regarding this. This is a great reference for those annoying formatting headache moments!

5. Updating/Replacing an Existing Library File (video)

Provides a quick reference for updating and replacing file and images with new versions of the same file

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