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Internet outage on Sunday 16 December

Dear All,
By way of background, the internet services at RCH are supplied through the University of Melbourne.  We are connected to the University of Melbourne who are then connected to the internet.  On Sunday, 16th December, the University of Melbourne are implementing a significant Network Improvement Programme.  Part of this upgrade will disrupt their access to the internet.   Due to the fact that RCH internet services are provided by the University of Melbourne, internet services at RCH will be interrupted.  The RCH are not involved in the works being carried out and have no input into the timetable or scheduling of the works occurring on Sunday, 16th December.
This email is an advance notification of the works being carried out, the timetable and the services that are affected at RCH.  A general broadcast email will be sent to all staff tomorrow to notify them of these works.  Between 11:00am and 1:00pm there will be a 15 minute interruption to internet services, the University of Melbourne are unable to provide a smaller window of when this interruption will occur as this is based on a scheduled programme of works.  This first interruption to internet services will be followed up by a small number of 5 minute interruptions.  Again, University of Melbourne were unable to provide confirmation of the number of 5 minute outages or when they would occur.
The disruption to internet will impact the following services at RCH:

  • Email Services, only external emails are impacted, internal email will continue to work normally
  • Web Browsing from inside the hospital will be unavailable
  • VPN Access (staff will be unable to access the hospital network from home)
  • Access to the online leave form from outside the hospital, the online leave form will continue to work internally
  • The general public will be unable to access the RCH website

Access to the Intranet, Clinical Applications (IBA, CLARA, ESMR, Synapse etc), internal email will not be disrupted as a result of these works.
If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact the web team.

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