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CMS upgrade and a new tutorial

As per our previous correspondence the CMS was upgraded on Saturday. The upgrade went as planned, and all web services were back on-line ahead of schedule.

The upgraded CMS will bring changes for some of you, and we have created a tutorial to introduce the changes.

For Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) users

IE8 is the default RCH web browser. Most of you (over 90%) will be using IE8, and as such you will not notice any significant changes to the CMS experience with this upgrade. If you are using IE8 you do not need to watch this tutorial at this stage.

For the rest of you

For CMS users who are using a modern web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome (or IE9 or IE10) there are significant changes to the CMS interface. We have created a new tutorial for you to introduce you to the changes.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the CMS upgrade please email the WebTeam at web.help@rch.org.au

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