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A new browser

The web team recently upgraded the Content Management System (CMS) to a newer version which resolved some issue we were having, but also introduced some new issues.

One of the problems we’ve recently been experiencing is Internet Explorer 8 not always working properly when using the Workarea.

We have spoken to IT and they have agreed to install Google Chrome for CMS users who are editing the web site. If you are receiving this email, then that means you.

When you read this, could you please check the IT number on your computer (it’s in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop wallpaper, or written on a sticker attached to your computer box) and email that number to me (Lucien.stals@rch.org.au). Once I have a list of machines that need the new browser, I will send the list to IT who will go ahead and install Google Chrome for you.

It’s important to note that Internet Explorer 8 is still required when using clinical applications like Clara, and that Chrome is only intended for use with the CMS.

There will be some small changes to how the CMS works when using Chrome. To help with this, we have updated the online training resources (http://webhelp.rch.org.au/forums/20199673-CMS-Training ).


The Web Team.

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