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Since our last email update in March, a few things have happened for our web site.


We updated the look and feel of the RCH web site. This was much more than just a cosmetic change as the new look web site works on mobile devices now, so our users with tablets and smart phone will have a much better experience.


We have also updated our site search. The new search is context specific.
Any users coming to our web site from outside the hospital network will be using Google to search the web site. We have rebranded it so that it runs within the normal RCH site look and feel, but its Google results people will see.
Any users on the internal RCH network will be seeing the internal search engine. This internal search is part of the CMS itself and will index all searchable pages within the RCH site. This includes any intranet protected pages, but since this internal search is only accessible by internal users, the content is still safe from outside eyes (Google will not be indexing intranet protected pages).

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