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What's in a (page) name?

I want to quickly talk about page names and traffic.

Last week, the RCH web site received just over half a million visits. That's a very satisfying number. But one page changed it's name in that week and it quickly got promoted to the top of our error report with just over 500 visitors unable to access that page. That's 500 people unable to get the clinical information they were looking for in one week.

In our CMS, the page title is an important part of the page. While the title features prominently at the top of the page, more importantly, the title forms part of the address of the page. This is important because if the names changes, the address changes too.

As the example above shows, a small mistake in renaming a page can have very real and sudden consequences for our web site.

What can you do to help?

Don't change the names of your pages.

Before you create a new page, check out our quick guide to choosing good page names. If you choose a good page name to start with, you shouldn't need to rename it.

If you do need to change a page name, please contact the web team (email us at web.help@rch.org.au) and we will manage this for you in a way that does not break the address.



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