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Changes to the CMS editor - a quick reference guide

Recently our CMS editor has gone through an upgrade and some of you may have noticed changes to the layout and to the selection of features available.  The new version of the editor brings with it many advantages. These include:

  • In-editor styles as you create so you can see before publishing/submitting the actual heading colours and styles
  • Easier table creation and manipulation
  • Step-by-step creation of links to other areas of your page (bookmarks)
  • Embed video capability
  • Syntax highlighting in code-view for those with a bit of technical know-how
  • Easy/obvious right-align and left-align options

We do however acknowledge that such a change can cause difficulty and distress due to a frustrating period of familiarisation.  To help alleviate as much of this as possible we have put together a CMS editor quick reference guide that we suggest you print out and kept handy at your computer terminals.

If you are experiencing difficulties beyond the aid of the quick reference guide, please do not hesitate to contact our webteam for help at web.help@rch.org.au or call Lucy directly on ext 55229.


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