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Using PDF format

Not all content is suitable to add to you site as HTML web pages, for example:

  • Complex tables 
  • Content originally available as professionally designed documents that include multiple illustrations and graphics e.g. brochures, Annual Reports.
  • Highly structured information, such as clinical protocols

In such cases it would be better to add this content as downloadable PDFs.

Content in you PDF is fully searchable via the RCH search engine or by search engines such as Google. In addition a well-structured PDF will allow a user to navigate through the content in the document as successfully as around a web site.

The foundation of a well-structured PDF is a well-structured Word document. If you have used the 'heading' style functions in Word correctly and added a 'Table of contents', a PDF converter such as Adobe Acrobat will automatically add linked bookmarks to aid navigation, for an example view the RCH Quality of Care Report 2005 (PDF 1.5MB)

See the Microsoft 'Styles' online training session for information on how to use styles to format your Word documents.

Please note that there is a 2MB limit for PDF files. If your PDF document is larger than 2MB, please contact the web team to discuss.

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