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The CMS template controls the overall appearance of every page on the RCH website. The template has been developed to allow variations between sites whilst adhering to RCH brand guidelines, web development best practices, and delivering a consistent user experience to users. The template utilises a responsive framework so that it works well on a wide range of devices devices from mobile phones to desktop PC's.

The WebTeam will create your site template for you based on the agreed site architecture discussed in the consultation phase of development. In most cases your site will have the default RCH design. Customised design will only be considered if there is a valid case to do so and must be approved by Corporate Communications and in line with the RCH branding guidelines. e.g. project branding (e.g. Kids Health Info)

Over time you may find that you require changes to be made to your template e.g. additional content areas.  Any changes to elements that are outside the content area will need to be discussed with the WebTeam.

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