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Using graphics and multimedia in your pages

Using images on your web page

It can be tempting to use images on your web page to make the page 'look good'. Use images minimally and with purpose - images should only be used to enhance or illustrate a point in your textual content. 

Decorative images are typically ignored by most users. Eye tracking studies have proved that users ignore images that do not add to the textual content by illustrating a point. 

Make the images accessible.

If you use images to enhance written information use real people and locations.

Images used on web page should be no larger than 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels and 180KB in file size. This means that images strait from your digital camera will be significantly larger than the recommended dimensions and file size.  The WebTeam can assist with you with resizing your images.

Do you have permission to use the image?

With the popularity of digital photography it is quite easy for us all to take photographs of events and people.  If you wish to add a photograph you have taken to your web site, please ensure, where possible, to have the permission of all people appearing in the photograph. If your photographs include children you must have the written consent of the parent or guardian.

See also Privacy Policy and Clinical Photography Policy.

Check for copyright restrictions if you are using an image collected from another source. If you are not able to obtain a written release from the owner of the photograph or graphic, contact the Creative Studio Photography or Graphic Design sections and ask if they can produce a suitable substitute for you; phone 9345 5477 for more information.

Use of logos

If you are using logos of other institutions or companies please ensure that you are using the correct logo, don't just cut and paste it from a web site or publication. Contact the relevant organisation and ask for an official version of their logo (preferably PNG24 format). You should also request written permission to use their logo and/or adhere to any guidelines for its use on your web site.

Note: we have our own Guidelines for the use of the Royal Children's Hospital logo.

Staff portraits

In order to maintain a consistent look across all our web sites, all staff portraits must be taken by the Educational Resource Centre photographers.  Ask your staff to contact Creative Studio on 9345 5477 to arrange a suitable time. There is no charge for this service.

Staff portraits will be placed in the CMS staff portrait library.

If an existing staff member leaves your department, please remove references for the person or let the WebTeam know.

Using video and audio on your site.

Delivery of video online is becoming increasingly popular and accessible. It can be a useful educational tool and small film bytes can provide visitors with previews of video resources you have available.

Creative Studio can create video content for you, or possible arrange to deliver your existing video via our Vimeo servcie.

Other multimedia formats available online

  • MP3 sound bytes

Contact the WebTeam for more information about putting your video or sound byte online.

For general video services, please contact Creative Studio Video Team on 9345 5482.

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