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Naming pages for the CMS

When you create a new page in the CMS, the system automatically assigns an address to that page based on the location and title of the page.

For example, if I were to create a new page called "Test" in the Sandbox site, and within the Staff subfolder of that site, the new page would be called...



This convention makes it easy to create pages in the CMS with sensible, user friendly addresses.

But there is a dark side to this: You will be stuck with any title you give a page.

While it is relatively easy to change a page title in the CMS, this will automatically change the address of the page which in turn will break any and all links going to that page. The RCH web site gets a lot of traffic with over 1 million hits a month. Even if your page is a small one with not much traffic, 1% of out monthly traffic could still be 10,000 unhappy visitor per month who can't access your page.

Here are some guidelines for coming up with good page titles...

  • use natural language titles
    eg, don't use jargon or abbreviations
  • Keep them short
    Long page names means long addresses. Just imagine you are telling somebody the address of your page over the phone.
  • Don't use the characters "&" or "/".
    These have special meanings when part of a web address. Using them can cause your page to break, or the CMS might omit them from the address.
  • Don't use dates or version numbers in a page title.
    This kind of information changes. Changing this in a page title will cause the page address to change, which makes broken links.

It is possible to change the title of a page and manage the address change to prevent broken links, but this is something the Web Team will need to do for you, so please contact us before you change any titles.

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