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There are four states a content block can be in.status.jpgIn this picture, you can see the "Status" column for the content blocks being displayed. (The same states apply to pages themselves, but these a rarely edited directly)

The four states, which can all be seen here, are:

  • A for Approved.
    This content block is currently live and has no pending changes.
    Most documents should be in this state.
  • S for Submitted.
    This content block has pending changes and is waiting for it's publisher to approve them.
    Publishers should review and approve (or reject as required) these content blocks promptly.
  • I for In ( Checked In)
    Somebody has edited this document and saved those changes and plans to come back and do more editing soon. This content has not been submitted for approval. While it is checked in, other people could make edits.
    Content should only be in this state if you are in the middle of making changes and plan to come back to editing it soon. 
  • O is for Out (checked out).
    Somebody is editing this document right now. Nobody else can work on this document until it has been checked back in.
    Content should only ever be in this state while somebody is actively editing that content. It is possible to acidentally leave a content block in the checked out state if you click on the "edit" button, then close the browser window without checking the content back in or publishing it. This can lock everyone (including the person it's check out to) out of that document so that nobody can edit it. If this happens, email [email protected] and give us the address of the problem page and we will force a check in.
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