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Publishing workflow

The graphic below outlines the fundamentals of the publishing work flow.publishing-worflow.jpg

For authors

All content edits or content restores made by an author will be submitted to their publisher for approval.

Once approved, these changes are then queued to be synchronised.

See Author and Publisher Responsibilities for more information.

For Publishers

Any activity that a publisher performs (content edits, content restores, updated library items, approvals from editor) will be directly queued for synchronisation.

See Author and Publisher Responsibilities for more information.

The Synchronise process

When you are making changes to the CMS you will always be working on webedit.rch.org.au. You will not be working on the "live" website.

We have a synchronisation process that applies updates to the live servers on an automated hourly schedule.

Any published changes are queued for synchronisation and will be automatically synchronisation from webedit.rch.org.au to www.rch.org.au at the top of each hour.


Publish request can be view by publishers under Report >>content>>approvals(see image below)





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