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Lyris Auto subscribe

People can auto-subscribe to Lyris mailing lists by sending an email to this address:


For example, if the list name was "test_list", you could join it by sending an email to "join-test_list@lyris.wch.org.au"

Note the "wch". NOT "rch". Back when we purchased the Lyris software, we were part of the Womens hospital ("wch" stands for "Womens and Childrens Hospital"). We now use the "rch" domain for most things, but the license for Lyris remains on the "wch" domain.

Lists with a hyphen (-) in their names don't always work. Underscores (_) are ok, but the hypens cause the auto suscribe feature to fail. We probably shouldn't make lists with hyphens in their names so as to avoid this.

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