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Adding an image to a question

You can add images to questions.

(This process seems to have changed in a recent upgrade of the software. This tutorial is valid at 13 Oct 2014)

Make sure you are editing the question you want to have the image in.

In the row of edit controls, there is an "add image" button.


When you click that button, you should see the Image Properties dialog box. It looks like this...


You need to click the "Browser Server" button. You will then see a screen like this...


Keep in mind that the "server" it's talking about is the one where LimeSurvey is installed. If you want to show an image in your survey, you will fist need to upload it to the server. You need to click on the "Upload" button to do this. The upload button will let you select an image from your local machine.

Once the image has been uploaded to the server, you will see it in the list like this...


Now we can double click on our image to add it to the current question...


Here it is in the image properties dialog. You just need to click "ok" to add it to the question...


You can then browse to find an image on your own computer, upload it, and have it display it in your questions...


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