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Conditional Questions (if you answer "yes", then...)

Conditional questions typically look like "if you answered 'yes' to question 2, then skip ahead to question 4".

Creating conditional questions in Limesurvey seems backwards. You need to have created your trigger question and all of it's dependent questions before you apply the condition. The condition is also applied to the dependent question, not the trigger question.

For example, let's start with the following question...


This will be our trigger question. Note that it's a simple "yes/no" question. More complex question types can be used.

In this case, if people answer "yes", we want to show them one response. If they answer "no", we want to show them a different response.

Before we can set up our conditional logic, we need to create the two response questions (for "yes" and "no").

Go ahead and create the "Yes" question...


The question type isn't important here. What is important is that we click the fork like "set condition" button.

This will bring up a screen thst looks like...


This is where we have to work a bit backwards. Select the question that will be the trigger for the condition. This is the question before the current one.

Once you have selected the question, the screen will show you the applicable answer option. In this case we want to choose the "yes" option.

Finally click the "add condition" button to save your changes.

We need to repeat this process for our "no" option (make a new "no" question, then set it's condition to be the "are you happy" question, but make sure to choose the "no" answer option this time.

That's it. Your done.

Any time you have conditional questions in your survey, it's is advisable to test your survey thoroughly before making it go live. Errors in condition logic can prevent people from completing your survey.

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