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Every space has its own independent set of permissions, managed by the space admin(s), which determine the access settings for different users and groups.

They can be used to grant or revoke permission to view, add, edit, and delete content within that space, and can be applied to groups, users, and even to anonymous users (users who aren't logged in) if need be.

if you are the administrator of a space, you control the permissions for it. You can choose to assign/revoke permissions on either an individual user basis, or by Confluence Groups.

Assign Space Permission

  1. Click on the space tool  cog icon () in the lower left corner, then open the Permissions tab.

  2. Choose Edit Permissions.
  3. Type the username and click on "Add". 

Revoke Space Permission

To remove a user or group from the space permissions list, deselect all the check boxes for that user or group and save the changes. The user or group won't appear in the list once you save.

Permissions Summary

The following permissions can be assigned for each space:


Category Permission

View gives you permission to access the content in this space, and see it in the space directory and other places like the dashboard. 

Delete own gives you permission to delete any pages, blogs, attachments and comments you've created in this space (regardless of whether other users have subsequently edited the content). 


Add page gives you permission to create new pages and edit existing pages in this space (assuming the page is not restricted for editing). 

Delete page gives you permission to delete any page in the space. 


Add blog gives you permission to create new blog posts and edit existing blog posts in this space (assuming the blog post is not restricted for editing). 

Delete page gives you permission to delete any blog post in the space. Delete permission is also required to move a page or blog to a different space. 


Add attachment gives you permission to upload (attach) files to pages and blog posts in this space. 

Delete attachment gives you permission to remove attached files from pages or blog posts in the space. 

People with only Add page or blog permissions can still insert existing attached files in the editor, and remove files from the editor, so they're not displayed on the page or blog post. They can't however upload a new file, a new version of the file, or delete the attached file itself.  


Add comments gives you permission to add comments to a page, blog post or attached file.  

Delete comments gives you permission to delete any comment on a page, blog post or attached file. 


Add restrictions gives you permission to apply page-level restrictions to a page or blog post. You can restrict a page for viewing, or just for editing. 

Delete restrictions gives you permission to remove restrictions from any page or blog post. 

Mail Delete mail gives you permission to delete mail items that have been archived in this space.  This is not a commonly used feature. 

Export space gives you permission to export all the contents of the space to PDF, HTML or XML. This is different to single page exports - anyone who can view a page can also export it.

Admin gives you permission to access all space administration tools, including things like permissions, templates, look and feel, and the ability to delete the whole space. 


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