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Authors and Publishers cannot directly create a new page and content block. Historically, page creation by authors and publishers was allowed, but to ensure our site remains relevant, authoritative and accurate, this feature has been disabled. 

How to request a new page

Only publishers can request a new page. 

To request a new page please send us an email via this link. Your email template will be populated with contextual information that the WebTeam will require to action your request, including the content for the page, or at least a synopsis of the content.

When assessing your request we broadly follow the following process:

  • Where should the content sit?
    • What site, and section. URL required.
      • Is a new section required, or can we use an existing section?
    • Is the nominated location the best place, from a users perspective?
  • What is the category of your content, and what is the associated risk profile?
    See Website content categories and risk profiles for more information.
  • Does this content already exist elsewhere on the RCH website?
    Reducing unnecessary replication is vital to having and effective web presence. 
  • Does the content adhere to the Web Content Guidelines?
  • Should the content be referred to one of our partners for review?
    We follow the Internal request workflow to establish if any of the following groups needs to be consulted, and will do this on behalf of the requester:
    • Corporate Communications.
    • Community Information Team.
    • Clinical Practice Guideline Committee.
    • RCH Policy and Procedure Committee.
    • RCH Executive team.

How to create a new page + content block (disabled for Publishers and Authors)

The remainder of this page has been left in place for historical purposes.

All pages should be created under your department folder in pages folder in content tab. (see attached image 1)

Process to create page with content block involves following step:

  1. Create a new page under main>>pages>>department_name using step to create new page steps.
  2. Creating new content block under main>>pages>>department_name using to create new content block.

Steps to create new page

  1. Click on New>>Page layout (Image 2)
  2. A window will appear (Image 3)
  3. Type title of page and please be sure that Content searchable should be ticked. (Image 4)
  4. Click next>>finish

Image 1




Image 2




Image 3





Image 4



 Click on ok button to go to page where you will add the content blockCapture.PNG

 Steps to create new Content block

follow the screenshots:

1. In edit mode of page, select design option and you will see menu. In menu, click on "widgets" and then 

"content block".




 2. Browse to main>>content>>department folder and click on "new button".




3. Type the Title and content then click on Publish button.




4. A new page is created with content block.







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