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Author - roles and responsibilities

Authors are considered to be content contributors with subject matter expertise.

All Authors have the following permissions in the CMS:

All edits to pages and content by authors need to be submitted for approval by the relevant publisher. If you do not submit your content for publication by clicking the “submit” button, the publisher will not be notified of pending changes and the change will never go live.

If everything is working well, all pages and content items should be in the “A” (Approved) status in the CMS (see web help documentation on page and content states ). A document should never be left in the “O” state as this prevents anyone else from editing it, and is a common reason for calls to WebHelp. Documents may be left in the “I” state, but it is assumed you will be coming back to finish your editing shortly (within a week) and then submitting for publication. As an author, your documents will frequently end up in the “S” (Submitted) state. Once you have submitted the document for publication, the responsibility then shifts to the publisher to finalise the publication process by approving the changes, moving it to the “A” state.

If you need technical help on how to perform a specific task, look in the CMS Training section.

In particular, if you are working with library files, please observe the following guideline:

Library file updates are not subject to approval by a publisher.

The web team is always happy to assist CMS users learn how to perform any of these tasks, and don’t forget most tasks have tutorials.

A site can have any number of authors.

Author approval process

The process to become an author is simpler that the publisher process.

As a publisher will be checking an authors work, we do not require Executive Team approval to become an author.


The steps to become a author are:

  • Participate the CMS training.
  • Have a competent understanding of the Web Content Guidelines.
  • Apply to become an author for the site(s) you require access to. This will require the approval of the site's Head of Department or most senior manager.
  • Once approved, the WebTeam will grant the privileges in the CMS.

Authors must honour the Web Content Guidelines

Authors are required to adhere to the Web Content Guidelines. The Web Content Guidelines follow best-practice for writing and formatting effective web content - please ensure you are familiar with the guidelines.

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