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Author - roles and responsibilities

Authors are considered to be content contributors with subject matter expertise.

What can an author do?

All Authors have the following permissions in the CMS:

The publishing process

All edits to pages and content by authors are submitted for approval to the relevant publisher. If you do not submit your content for publication by clicking the “submit” button, the publisher will not be notified of pending changes and the change will not go live. 

See the Publishing Process for more information.


The main difference between the author role and the publisher role is the level of responsibility. A publisher is ultimately responsible for checking and approving an authors work, and that it adheres to the  Web Content Guidelines.

A site can have any number of authors. In practical terms it is counter productive to have too many authors, and 1 or 2 authors is usually sufficient for a site. It's fine for a site to have no authors, as long as there is a publisher.

Author approval process

The process to become an author is simpler that the publisher process.

As a publisher will be checking an authors work, we do not require Executive Team approval to become an author.

The steps to become a author are:

  • Participate the CMS training.
  • Have a competent understanding of the Web Content Guidelines.
  • Apply to become an author for the site(s) you require access to. This will require the approval of the site's Head of Department or manager.
  • If approved, the WebTeam will grant the privileges in the CMS.

Authors must honour the Web Content Guidelines

Authors are required to adhere to the Web Content Guidelines. The Web Content Guidelines follow best-practice for writing and formatting effective web content - please ensure you are familiar with the guidelines.

What tasks are not available to authors?

Authors cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Create new pages
    Only publishers can request a new page. See Create new page.
  • Upload files
    If you need to add a file such as a Word document or PDF to your site, please forward your request to the WebTeam. Please take a moment to read the Using PDF Format guideline before investing time creating PDFs.
  • Alter navigation
    Only the WebTeam can alter the "In this section" navigation.
  • Delete pages
    If you need a page deleted, instruct the WebTeam and we'll look after it. We'll also do a link check in the process and archive the page to ensure that the history of the page is left in place.
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