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Website content categories and risk profiles

We have a wide and varied range of content on the RCH website. Different content types carry different inherent risk profiles.

What is content?

Content can mean many different things, but in the context of the RCH website, content is broadly defined as information in textual, illustrative or audio-visual form that communicates to an audience via the internet and associated technologies. Content may in include (but is not limited to) text, images, sounds, videos and animations.

Content classification and risk profiles

The content on the RCH website can be classified by any of the following categories:

Category Description Risk profile Clinical or health advice
Factual pages Pages that contain factual information such as contact details, department services or general information (e.g. parking information). Medium No
Fact sheets (non Kids Health Info) Fact sheets outside of the Kids Health Information site are considered high risk as they are not subjected to the editorial review process as the KHI fact sheets are. There is also a higher chance of duplicate and/or out of date fact sheets. High Yes
Local procedures Local procedures are collections of procedure documents that only apply to a specific division or department. These collections do not have the editorial rigour of the hospital wide policy and procedure manual. High Maybe

Policy and Procedure Manual (Hospital wide)

The only collection of official hospital wide policy and procedures is the Policy and Procedure Manual. This is a governed collection of documents with an editorial review process. Medium No

Governed collections of clinical of health information

Governed collections of clinical of health information are sites that have an editorial review process in place. The content in these collections is high risk, but the editorial review process mitigates the risk. Examples include

Medium Yes

Clinical or health advice

Content that is classified as "clinical or health advice" is content that communicates to health professionals and/or patients and their carers (from a position of authority) opinion or advice related to the treatment or management of health conditions (both physical and mental health), as well as practical or technical advice related to clinical procedures or treatment methods. Clinical or health advice is inherently risky content that requires special consideration.

Branding and content

The RCH branding guidelines apply to all content items ( text, images, sounds, videos and animations ).

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